Chasing natives

Native Trout, Beautiful Places and the Stories that Connect Them

Native Trout


Native trout have a story to tell. After a century of decline throughout North America, native fish are making a comeback. Native trout are of great value to ecosystems and anglers alike. 



Native trout survive in well protected watersheds. These special places mostly exist on public lands. Learn more about conservation and connect with current projects that restore native fish populations.


Come along as we explore America’s beautiful public lands in search of native trout. We are eager to share our experiences to help you plan your next adventure to these amazing places.


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Grand Teton National Park
A Guide to Understanding America's Public Lands
Together, we are the co-owners of nearly 600 million acres of public land. You might know them as National Parks, national forests, wildlife refuges or perhaps other names. Public lands...
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Visitors with fish catch - Yell museum #15873;Photographer unknown;1923
A History of Fisheries Management in Yellowstone - Part 1
Coming Soon!
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Tim Slough Cast
Fly Fishing Yellowstone's Slough Creek
Maybe there is no such thing as the perfect trout stream. After fly fishing Yellowstone’s Slough Creek, I took some time to reflect on our time here. My conclusion: every serious...
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Westslope Cutthroats on the North Fork Flathead River
Coming Soon! Back in June, my job as a Refuge Manager with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sent me to Missoula, MT for a week of Wilderness Leadership Training. Part of the training...
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Trappers Lake Cabins
Fall Fishing in Colorado's Flat Tops Wilderness
Trappers Lake and the “Cradle of Wilderness” Trappers Lake is the second largest natural lake in Colorado and home to a naturally reproducing population of Colorado River...
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Fly Fishing Yellowstone
Fly Fishing Yellowstone's Soda Butte Creek
If you are an angler looking for the experience of a lifetime, I recommend fly fishing Yellowstone’s Soda Butte Creek. Beartooth Scenic Highway to Yellowstone’s Northeast...
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CHASING NATIVES was born from the passion of two conservation educators who love celebrating the places where we connect with nature. We invite you to join us on a journey as we explore the beautiful places where North America’s native trout and salmon call home. We hope to foster a community that promotes wildlife conservation and public lands stewardship.

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